Professional Nursery & Greenhouse Fertilizers

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Suståne's organic fertilizers have been formulated for the professional nursery, greenhouse, and landscape industries. We offer a range of formulations for 100% organic to organic with controlled-release fertilizer that reduces cost and enhances "green". Suståne produces predictable results, dependable performance, and high-quality plants. Blends of Suståne Organic and Controlled Release Fertilizers are the new generation of environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Great new products are born from discovery, and through years of research and development, Suståne began studying and evaluating treatment effects, plant response, nutrient release, EC rates, and other fertilizer responses to container-grown nursery plants at North Carolina State University in 1991 and 1992. Basic Suståne 4-6-4 was discovered to be the perfect base fertility complement to commercial potting soils.

In 2002 Suståne began experimenting with different formulations that combined Suståne Organic with numerous sources of slow and controlled-release fertilizers including sulfur-coated urea, methylene urea, urea form, and several types of polymer-coated NPK products.

The photo on the left shows the comparative growth differences between two identical formulations of 16-4-8 using the same controlled-release fertilizers. The only difference between treatments was that Suståne Organic was substituted for 50% of the blend in the treatment on the right. This discovery led to the development of new combinations of Suståne plus coated NPK controlled-release fertilizers available today.

  • Developed and tested over eight years at leading nursery research universities and independent horticultural research facilities.
  • Suståne Organic + Coated Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) are the new generation in environmentally friendly plant nutrition with minimal impact on the non-target environment.
  • Provides up to 6-month nutrient release in containers.
  • Suståne Organic+CRF produce predictable results, dependable performance, and high-quality plants
  • Designed, tested, and proven to provide equal or superior growth results compared to similar formulations of nursery industry standards.
  • Enhances soil-plant nutrient exchange increasing uptake efficiency.
  • Low burn potential, nutrients release gradually over time.
  • Supplies all primary, secondary, and micronutrients required for complete plant photosynthesis.
  • Rich in microbial diversity and humic substances that are part of the natural cycling of plants and nutrients in all soils.


  • Seed Starting & Bedding Plants : Mix Suståne with soil substrate prior to planting.
  • Potted Plant & Container Plants : Mix Suståne with soil substrate prior to transplanting.
  • Flower Beds & General Landscaping : Broadcast and incorporate Suståne in the spring and again every 45 days.
  • Trees and Shrubs : For new planting, place Sustane in hole before planting and lightly incorporate. For established trees and shrubs, broadcast Suståne at the base of the plant in the spring and again in the fall. Application rates are based on the individual plants canopy spread along with the fertilizer analysis.
  • Bare Root Cuttings : Rooting of Deciduous and Herbaceous Plant Cuttings.

Suståne Products Developed for the Professional Nursery and Greenhouse Market: