Contains Suståne Aerobic Compost, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Mycorrhizae.

Suståne Turf Revival® 6-2-4
Recommended Use 

Turf Revival is specially formulated for application during greens and tees renovations for sward recovery from maintenance, cultural practices, and climatic stress. Turf Revival is an important component of any sound integrated turf management and long term soil building program.


Turf Revival contains Suståne's unique organic compost base which replenishes the soil with a rich supply of humus and contains beneficial microbes in addition to mycorrhizae fungi, which contribute to the efficient uptake of plant nutrients for overall plant health. Turf Revival provides both water soluble and slow release nitrogen for enhanced recovery without excessive growth. Available in Fine Grade for greens and outfield applications.

Professional Grade 

Suståne products are derived from biologically stable humus-rich compost and contain both water soluble nitrogen (WSN) and slow release nitrogen (SRN), beneficial microbiology, and all 17 elements essential for plant photosynthesis. With a near-neutral pH, a low salt index and low ammonium nitrogen percentage, Suståne will not cause seedling stress or plant fertilizer “burn”. Suståne products increase soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) by supplying humates and stable organic matter. Suståne’s organic and blended natural fertilizers provide all soil types with additional buffering capacity, allowing for more consistent and productive growth

Turf Revival Benefits
  • Produces a quick green up, followed by six to eight weeks of uniform growth and long-lasting color
  • Provides complete macro and micronutrients for optimal plant health
  • Contains Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae for improved phosphorus and water uptake
  • Enhances microbial activity in the rootzone to optimize availability and release of nutrients for plant uptake
  • Low salt index allows for healthy root development
  • Added calcium for nutrient transfer and plant cell wall structure
  • Increased available N to encourage a healthy sward recovery
  • High Carbon content to aid microbial growth and overall soil health
  • Enhanced disease suppression
Enhanced Disease Suppression Begins with Suståne Natural Based Fertilizers

Results of studies conducted at universities and independent research facilities in the last 30 years have clearly shown the potential for compost amendments to reduce the severity and incidence of a wide variety of turfgrass diseases. Through careful formulation and manufacturing Suståne’s compost based fertilizers and soil amendments remain biologically rich and deliver millions of beneficial microorganisms that have been demonstrated to assist in plant and soil disease suppression.

Recommended amounts of Suståne Turf Revival for a typical integrated program.

Cool Season Start-up 25-35 g/m2
5-7 lb./1000 ft2
Single Application 25-45 g/m2
5.5-10 lb./1000 ft2
Single Application
Sward Stress Recovery 30 g/m2
6 lb./1000 ft2
Single Application 30 g/m2
6 lb./1000 ft2
Single Application

Maintenance Application

30-40 g/m2

6-8 lb./1000 ft2

Single Application

25-45 g/m2

5.5-10 lb./1000 ft2

Single Application

Winter Recovery (Tees and Collars)

25-30 g/m2

5-6 lb./1000 ft2

Single Application

25-30 g/m2
5-6 lb./1000 ft2

Single Application
Applications Rates*
50-lb. bag covers 3,000 sq. ft. at 1 lb. N per 1,000 sq. ft.
Standard Appl. Rates Appl. Rate Lb. Product per 1,000 ft.2 Supplies Lb. N per 1,000 ft.2 Appl. Rate Lb. Product per Acre Supplies Lb. N Per Acre
Full Rate 16.7 1 726 44
Half Rate 8.3 0.5 363 22
Quarter Rate 4.2 0.25 182 11
22.67-kg. bag covers 280 sq. m. at 0.5 kg. N per 100 sq. m.
Standard Appl. Rates Appl. Rate Kg. Prod. Per 100 m2 Appl. Rate Grams Prod. Per 1 m2 Supplies Grams N Per 1 m2 Appl. Rate Kg. Prod. Per Hectare Supplies kg. N Per Hectare
Full Rate 8.1 81 4.9 814 48.8
Half Rate 4.1 41 2.4 407 24.4
Quarter Rate 2.0 20 1.2 203 12.2

Cool Season Turf - Golf course greens, tees and fairways, sports fields, parks, and lawncare
Standard application rates
5.5 lb. to 10 lb. per 1000 ft2 (2.5 kg to 4.5 kg per 100 m2)

Greens and Tees - Apply 3-4 times per season.
Standard maintenance rates
5.5 lb. to 10 lb. per 1000 ft2 (2.5 kg to 4.5 kg per 100 m2)

Warm Season Turf - Sports fields, parks and lawncare
Standard application rates: 
5.5 lb. to 10 lb. per 1000 ft2 (2.5 kg to 4.5 kg per 100 m2) per application at frequency determined by clipping yields

Greens and Tees
Standard maintenance rates: 
5.5 lb. to 10 lb. per 1000 ft2 (2.5 kg to 4.5 kg per 100 m2) per application at frequency determined by clipping yields

*NOTE: Adjust fertilizer program for local conditions and requirements.

Item # 
Suståne Turf Revival 6-2-4
Package Size Units / Pallets
50 lb. bags
1-ton tote 
22.68 kg bags 
40 bags / pallet
1 tote / pallet
44 bags / ISPM pallet 

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen

2.2% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
1.6% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
2.0% Urea Nitrogen
0.2% Other Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4%
Calcium (Ca) 5%
Sulfur (S) 3%
Iron (Fe) 2%
Magnesium (Mg) 1.5%

Derived from aerobically composted turkey litter, methylene urea, ammonium sulfate, calcium sulfate, potassium magnesium sulfate, and iron sulfate.
*3.5% slowly available nitrogen from aerobically composted turkey litter and methylene urea.

Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae guarnateed minimum 5 propagules per gram

Phizophagus irregularis 3.5 prop./g
Rhizophagus clarus 0.5 prop./g
Septoglamus deserticola 0.5 prop./g
Claroideoglomus etunicatum 0.5 prop./g