Rapid vegetative establishment for organic erosion control, highway roadside, wetlands and burn, mine site reclamation, and oil/gas site remediation and agriculture.

Suståne 3-7-4 granulated organic fertilizer combines nutrient-dense, concentrated compost and replenishes the soil with a rich supply of humus (stabilized organic matter) and all of the essential nutrients required for quality growth. Suståne 3-7-4 provides a concentrated package of plant macro and micronutrients and organic substances and beneficial microbiology. Suståne 3-7-4 is derived from biologically stable compost.

Professional Grade

Suståne Natural Fertilizer is backed by over 30 years of independent applied research on diverse crops and ecosystems. Unmatched by any other organic fertilizer manufacturer, such research is the foundation for developing products that deliver value under a wide variety of growing conditions. The superior performance of Suståne's products is recognized by growers from around the world.

Benefits of Suståne 3-7-4 Organic

  • An excellent source of phosphorus provides rapid start to crops
  • Can be applied in row, direct with seed
  • Adds approximately 5.3% humates by weight
  • Contains all primary, secondary and tertiary nutrients for plant growth
  • Supplies soil with 55% Organic Matter in the form of stabilized humus
  • Carbon:Nitrogen Ration (8:1) guarantees no N immobilization in soil
  • Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
  • Enhances the soil’s ability to suppress plant pathogens
  • Improves and sustains soil health
  • Improves buffering against changes in soil pH
  • Increases the soil’s C.E.C (cation exchange capacity)
  • Improves soil structure, porosity and stability leading to greater root development, infiltration and soil micropores

Safe for Plants, People and the Environment

  • Manufactured by Suståne in the USA at an EPA-permitted composting facility.

  • Pathogen, contaminant and weed free, Suståne contains no blood, guts, bone, animal meat meal by-products or pharmaceutical byproducts. 

  • Suståne contains no pelletized chicken manure, sewage sludge or industrial waste materials.

For Soil Building

Final fertilizer recommendations should be based on results of laboratory soil tests and specific site conditions including but not limited to soil type and yield goal. Use higher rates for soils low in organic matter, high in salts or with low pH.

General Coverage

  • 33 lb. covers 1,000 ft2 @ 1 lb. N per 1000 ft2 (44 lb. N per acre)
  • 16.1 kg covers 100 m2 @ 0.5 kg N per 100 m2 (50 kg N per ha)

Land Improvement, Native Prairie Restoration, Bioremdiation, and New Seeding*

Crop establishment

Apply direct in-row with seed at rates of 100 lb. up to 250 lb. per acre (110 kg up to 280 kg per hectare).

Broadcast Application Rates

  • For 30 lb. of N per acre apply 1000 lb.
  • For 50 lb. of N per acre apply 1667 lb.
  • For 70 lb. of N per acre apply 2333 lb.

Timing and Methods of Application

  • Fall application, post harvest. Broadcast apply followed by light incorporation of 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm).
  • Spring application, pre-plant. Broadcast apply followed by light incorporation of 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm).
  • During planting, can be applied by grain drills, banded or air seeders, direct with seed.
  • During cultivation, apply next to row or use Suståne 8-2-4 for higher N demanding crops.

Soil Improvement for Gardens, Landscapes, and Agricultural Crops

Suståne 3-7-4 is also used as a general soil builder by broadcast application for improving soil organic matter levels, cation exchange capacity; enhancing and diversifying soil biological activity.

After application, incorporate lightly into top 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm).

*NOTE: Adjust fertilizer program for local conditions & requirements.

Item # 
Suståne 3-7-4 Granular
Package Size Units / Pallets
(2.8 mm - 1.4 mm) 
1-ton tote  1 tote / pallet


Total Nitrogen (N)
  0.3% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  0.3% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
  2.6% Water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen*
Available Phosphate (P(2O5) 7%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4%
Calcium (Ca) 5%

Derived from aerobically composted turkey litter.
*2.4% slowly available nitrogen from aerobically composted turkey litter and feather meal.