Product & Usage Guide for Hemp & Medical Cannabis

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Suståne’s Cannabis Fertility Programs have been carefully researched and field-tested by licensed growers to produce extraordinary results!

Complete Plant Nutrition
Suståne provides complete nutrition in safe, effective,
and easy to deliver granules as well as a line of liquid feed solutions. Because Suståne products are derived from biologically stable compost, they provide plenty of humus, slow release nitrogen (SRN), beneficial microbiology, and all essential plant nutrients. Having a near-neutral pH, Suståne will not cause seedling stress and is formulated to increase cation exchange capacity (CEC) while enhancing humates and organic matter. Suståne’s organic and blended natural fertilizers provide all soil types with additional buffering capacity, making for more consistent and resilient growth.

Suståne is Professional Grade
Suståne is backed by over 30 years of independent applied research on diverse crops and ecosystems. This research has resulted in products that perform consistently in a wide variety of different production systems and is why Suståne is used by professional growers in over 60 countries. As our customers from around the world recognize, there is simply no better way to feed plants.

Grow it Organically
Consumers and patients expect that what they are consuming is pure and unadulterated. Suståne fertilizer products provide the plant response and yield that professional growers aspire to without the use of chemicals. Suståne offers multiple formulations that are allowed for certified organic production in addition to our line of natural-based fertilizers that combine the best of organics with synthetic amendments.

Lower the Costs
Liquid hydroponic programs can cost ten times as much or more whereas Suståne’s organic
granular programs can cost less than $5 per plant. Bottom line; well-constructed potting mixes supplemented with Suståne natural fertilizers
can provide all of the nutrients a cannabis plant needs to grow and yield top quality product
-- whether oil, bud, seed, or fiber.

Reduce the Complexity
Suståne makes better growth simple. Our cannabis fertilizer programs simply require the addition of dry granular nutrients into the preferred potting soil when transplanted, top dress every few weeks and water. No complex calculations, few detailed measurements and a plain, simple approach to growing that works.

Maximize the Yield
Serious growers maximize plant yields with Suståne’s in-depth fertility programs. The combination of Suståne granulars incorporated into the growing media and supplemented with liquid fertigation and compost teas promote plant health and yield enhancement through the bloom stage.

Granulated organic fertilizer that provides a high phosphorus and balanced N and K and Ca for bud formation during flowering.• Provides all plant essential nutrients• Promotes abundant blooms• Provides humic acid • Adds beneficial biology to soil Incorporate andtopdress duringflowering stage

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Suståne 8-2-4

OMRI CDFA seal 6cm 4col WashingtonOrganic biobased
Granulated organic fertilizer, rich in slow-release nitrogen for vigorous growth.
• 45 Day Release
• Provides all plant essential nutrients
• Promotes rapid vegetative growth
• Provides humic acid
• Adds organic matter
Incorporate and
topdress during
vegetative stage

N 8%, P2O5 2%, K20 4%, Ca 2%, Mg 0.5%, S 1%,
Humic Acid 3%,
Organic Matter 65%,
SRN 90%

Available in:
• Medium Grade (200SGN)
• Fine Grade (100SGN)
• 5, 20, and 50 lb bags and in 1-ton totes

Suståne 4-6-4

OMRI CDFA seal 6cm 4col WashingtonOrganic biobased
Granulated organic fertilizer that provides a high phosphorus and balanced N and K and Ca for bud formation during flowering.
• 45 Day Release Slow Release Nitrogen
(SRN) 80%
• Provides all plant essential nutrients
• Promotes abundant blooms
• Adds humic acid and beneficial biology to soil
Incorporate and topdress during flowering stage

N 4%, P2O5 6%, K20 4%, Ca 4%, Mg 1%, S 1%, Fe 0.5%, Mn 0.05%, Zn 0.05%,
Humic Acid 5%, Organic Matter 60%,
• SRN 80%

Available in:
• Medium Grade (200SGN)
• Fine Grade (100SGN)
• 5, 20, and 50 lb bags and in 1-ton totes

Suståne 16-4-8 
180 Day
(Natural Based)

Natural based fertilizer that delivers 120 days of Coated Control Release Nitrogen.
• 120-Day Release Slow Release Nitrogen (SRN) 90%
• Reduces the need for additional fertilization
• No nutrient burn potential
• 50% blend of natural organic base that is rich in humus and 50% coated control release NPK
Incorporate at planting for full cycle nutrition N 16%, P2O5 4%, K20 8%, Ca 2.75%, Mg 0.75%, S 1.00%, Fe 0.25%, Mn 0.05%, Zn 0.05%
• SRN 90%

Available in Medium grade (200 SGN)
• Available in 5, 20, and 50 lb. bags, 1-ton totes
Mycorrhizae Concentrated Arbuscular Mycorrhizal
Fungi inoculant featuring 4 different
species for optimal colonization.
• Creates a symbiotic relationship
with plant roots to optimize water and
nutrient use • Improves disease suppression
Incorporate at
planting for full
cycle nutrition

• Delivers a minimum of 200 propagules/g
• Species included –
Glomus intraradices, Glomus entunicatum, Glomus deserticola, Glomus clarum

• Available in 1lb., 5 kg (11 lb.) and 40 lb. bags