Water Dispersible Fertilizer in Tomato Transplant Production - Research: Cornell University. 2017


Experiment 1 (Suståne 12-0-1 Hi-N Water Dispersible Fertilizer)

The objective is to compare performance of tomato transplants fertilized with a once weekly drench in response to Sustane WDF 12-0-1 as compared to another organic alternative nitrogen source, 14-0-0 soluble protein hydrolysate (Ferti Nitro Plus), and a conventional alternative nitrogen source (calcium nitrate, 15.5-0-0).  In addition, we wish to determine if 12-0-1 application leads to greater nitrogen use efficiency, i.e. if a lower application rate can be used (150 ppm N vs. 200 ppm N).

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Experiment 2 (Suståne 8-2-4 Flourish Water Dispersible Fertilizer))

The objective is to compare the performance of Sustane 8-2-4 WDF to other complete liquid organic fertilizers (Nature’s Source 3-1-1, Drammatic ONE 4-4-1) and a conventional fertilizer (Jack’s 21-5-20).

Find out how they differed in the research paper linked below.

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Compost Tea Research - Sunbeam Family Farm - 2016

Ben Dilbone - Compost Tea Research - Sunbeam Family Farm, Licking County, OH. 2016

Evaluate the qualities of compost tea products brewed on the Sunbeam Family Farm for analysis. Three independent batches of compost tea products were prepared using well water and cistern rain water collected at the farm. The compost teas prepared in this study all contained microorganisms, humates, and plant nutrients, but in varying amounts. Find out how they differed in the research paper linked below.



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Compost Tea Research on Irrigated Vegetables - 2018

Suståne Compost Tea Use in Irrigated Vegetables, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D - 2018

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"Yield assessments revealed significant yield and profitability increases were provided by Suståne compost teas.  Both fertigation materials increased the number and weight of harvested fruit, and this led to greater net returns for both treatments than seen for irrigation alone (UTC). The standard compost tea (CT) provided 4.7% more, and the HiN-enriched compost tea (ECT) provided a 13.4% more marketable yield than irrigation alone. This led to a significant increase in net returns per A for the grower. "

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Aronia Berry Fertilizer Rate Optimization - 2017

Aronia Rate Optimization, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Duane Baumler, Randy Petersburg, Earl Goodman, Joel Goodman - 2017

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"Suståne Natural Fertilizers significantly improved aronia berry production (Table 3). Overall berry yields increased by 0.36 to 1.67 lbs. per bush depending on the type and amount of fertilizer applied."

"Just one or two annual applications of Suståne 8-2-4 increased berry yields by 11% or 21%, respectively (P<0.10)."

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Monitoring the Performance of Sustane on Small Grains in Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada

WheatSustane 4-6-4 Compared to MAP 11-52-0
on Winter Wheat

Terra Consulting Inc., Dale Doram, M. Sc., P. Ag., Calgary, Alberta - 1990 - 1991

"The plots were established to evaluate and determine whether the application of a high quality organic fertilizer applied at cost conservative rates direct with the seed at planting (i.e. 35 – 70 lb. per acre or 39.2 – 78.4 kg. per hectare) could provide an economical return on investment for dryland grain farmers who produce crops for the certified organic markets."

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Evaluation of Sustane All-Natural Fertilizer on Yield of Organically Managed Sweet Corn at Maplestar Farm

Maplestar Farm LLC, Auburn Township, Ohio, Jake Trethewey, Owner, Maplestar Farm LLC, 2012.

"The purpose of the trial was to evaluate the use of Suståne Natural Fertilizers to supply nutrients for organic managed sweet corn. Suståne was compared to a commercially available Composted Chicken Manure. The results showed a 45% yield increase with Suståne, fertilized sweet corn compared to the Composted Chicken Manure treatment, which corresponds to a $1,416.00 increase in gross profit per acre."



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2014 Sustane Organic Sweet Corn Fertilizer Trial - Alderman Farms

Trial Performed at Alderman Farms in Loxahatchee, Florida. Spring 2014.

An on-farm trial was performed at Alderman Farm to evaluate whether sweet corn performance could be improved using Suståne granular fertilizers compared to Alderman’s standard fertility regime of dehydrated chicken manure (supplied by Perdue with an analysis of 3-2-3), feather meal and sodium nitrate.


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Soil Quality Factors affecting Garlic Production

GarlicResearch1Carl Rosen, Extension Soil Scientist - Department of Soil, Water and Climate, University of Minnesota Nov. 27, 1996

Sustane 4-6-4 organic fertilizer applied at 1.88 tons* per acre produced garlic yields comparable or better than U of M composted cow manure applied at 32 tons per acre. Sustane 4-6-4 also produced garlic yields comparable or better than the inorganic fertilizer treatment.



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Use of Sustane Fertilizer in a Wine Grape Vineyard, Chenin Blanc Wine Grapes

G.A. Sawyer Ostrom and R.K. Striegler, Viticulture and Enology Research Center, California State University, Fresno. 1991, 1992 & 1994
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"The objective of this research project was to compare the effect of Suståne 5-2-4 Natural Organic fertilizer and standard 7-13-20 commercial fertilizer applications on grapevine nutrition, yield, berry chemistries and pruning weights. This project was conducted over a period of three years, 1991, 1992 and 1994. The experiment took place on the CSU, Fresno campus vineyards in a block of flood irrigated Chenin blanc wine grapes."



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Strawberries Fertilizer Trials on Commander Strawberries

Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc., Watsonville, CA, 1994

Natural Organic, Natural Based and Synthetic Compared at Equal Nitrogen Application Rate Levels Per Acre



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