Enhanced disease suppression and quick green up without excessive growth

Suståne® 5•2•4+Fe Granulated Natural Based Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer


Suståne 5-2-4+Fe is the original Suståne formula first created in 1988.  As this was the first Suståne product available on the market, it soon became the standard natural based fertilizer evaluated by numerous universities.  Michigan State University, Cornell, University of Rhode Island were three of the first research facilities to discover that Suståne 5-2-4+Fe was highly suppressive of common diseases affecting turfgrass including Anthracnose (summer decline), Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, and Red Thread. 

Professional Grade 

Suståne Natural Fertlizer is backed by over 30 years of independent applied research on diverse crops and ecosystems. Unmatched by any other organic fertilizer manufacturer, such research is the foundation for developing products that deliver value under a wide variety of growing conditions. The superior performance of Suståne's products is recognized by turf managers and superintendents from around the world.

Benefits of 5•2•4+Fe
  • Increases nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil

  • Strengthens plants’ tolerance against hot, dry conditions

  • Promotes greater root development

  • Improves buffering against changes in soil pH

  • Increases the soil’s ability to suppress plant pathogens

  • Enhances natural soilborne disease suppression

  • Increases soil porosity and improves overall soil quality

  • Provides quick green up followed by six to eight weeks of even color and growth. 


Turf Coverage

50 lb. covers 2500 ft2 @ 1 lb. N per 1000 ft2  (44 lb. N per acre)

22.67 kg covers 232 m2 @ 0.5 kg N per 100 m2 (50 kg N per hectare)
20 lb. per 1000 ft2 = 100 g per 1 m2 

50-lb. bag covers 2,500 sq. ft. at 1 lb. N per 1,000 sq. ft.
Standard Appl. Rates Appl. Rate Lb. Product per 1,000 ft.2 Supplies Lb. N per 1,000 ft.2 Appl. Rate Lb. Product per Acre Supplies Lb. N Per Acre
Full Rate 20 1 871 44
Half Rate 10 0.5 436 22
Quarter Rate 5 0.25 218 11
22.67-kg. bag covers 232 sq. m. at 0.5 kg. N per 100 sq. m.
Standard Appl. Rates Appl. Rate Kg. Prod. Per 100 m2 Appl. Rate Grams Prod. Per 1 m2 Supplies Grams N Per 1 m2 Appl. Rate Kg. Prod. Per Hectare Supplies kg. N Per Hectare
Full Rate 9.8 98 4.9 976 48.8
Half Rate 4.9 49 2.4 488 24.4
Quarter Rate 2.4 24 1.2 244 12.2

Cool Season Grasses

Golf course fairways, roughs, collars, sports fields, parks, & lawncare 

Standard maintenance rates:

Spring, Summer, Fall

3 kg to 5 kg per 100 m2 (6.6 lb. to 11 lb. per 1000 ft2) depending on N required.

Warm Season Grasses

Golf course fairways, roughs, collars, sports fields, parks, and lawncare 

5-10 lb. per 1000 ft2 or 0.25 - 0.5 lb. N/1000ft2 (2.5-5 kg per 100m2) per application at frequency determined by clipping yields.

**NOTE: Adjust fertilizer program for local conditions and requirements.


Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to moisture or extreme temperatures.

Item # 
Suståne 5-2-4+Fe
Package Size Units / Pallets
(1.4 .mm - 0.6 mm) 
40-35-1375 (international)
50 lb. bags
1-ton tote 
22.68 kg bags 
40 bags / pallet
1 tote / pallet
44 bags / ISPM pallet 
(2.8 mm - 1.4 mm) 
40-35-1175 (international) 
50 lb. bags
1-ton tote 
22.68 kg bags 
40 bags / pallet
1 tote / pallet
44 bags / ISPM pallet

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)

1.1% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
3.5% Water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen*
0.1% Urea Nitrogen
0.3% Other Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P(2O5) 2%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4%
Calcium (Ca) 3%
Iron (Fe) 2%
Sulfur (S) 2%

Derived from aerobically composted turkey litter, methylene urea, sulfate of potash, ammonium sulfate, and iron sulfate.
*3.5% slowly available nitrogen from aerobically composted turkey litter and feather meal.