Evaluation of Potting Mixes with Two Different Organic Fertilizers on the Growth of Tomatoes

Warren Davenport, Pat2h Research, Rydal, Georgia 2010 - Photo Essay at 8 days and 20 days after planting. July 2012.
research ag tomato

Container grown tomatoes fertilized with Sustane 8-4-4 compared to those grown with Pelletized Chicken Manure.



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Organic Potting Soil Seed Starter Mixes on Tomatoes, Radish and Geraniums

Warren Davenport, Pat2h Research, Rydal, Georgia. May 17th, 2010

Three Experimental Mixes compared against two leading off‐the‐shelf American brands.



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Suståne Organic Fertilizers on Oil Palm Nursery United Plantation

Mr. Vijiandran, UP Research Center Agronomist, and UP field personnel
With P. Rajasegaran, Ann Fusorn and Annamalai Rajaendran
Golden Domes Sdn Bhd
Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

oil palm united plantation

Malaysia is one of the world’s leading producers of palm oil as the climate is ideally suited for optimum growth. There are several large palm oil plantations in Malaysia. Suståne Natural Fertilizer, Inc. (aka “Suståne”) has a long history of applications and use in Malaysia and several other Southeast Asian nations. While there are many synthetic and several “organic” (both domestic and imported) fertilizers available to the agriculture and horticultural markets in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Suståne is the only high quality and high performance organic and organic-based fertilizer with a climate and crop-tested history in the region over the past twenty-plus years. Golden Domes, Suståne’s Malaysian-based distributor, sought out key palm oil nursery plantations that were amenable and supportive of evaluating alternate fertilizers for their nursery production with onsite research trials.


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Sustane Organic Fertilizers on Oil Palm Nursery Stock

P. Rajasegaran, Ann Fusorn and Annamalai Rajaendran
Golden Domes Sdn Bhd
Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oil Palm nursery KLK plantation

The objective of the fertilizer comparison trials at KLK Plantation was to evaluate the efficacy of Suståne organic formulations against KLK’s standard chemical fertilizer regime under standard Malaysian oil palm nursery growing conditions..


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Reduction of Crop Injury from Herbicide Carryover

Dr. Brent Philbrook, Agri-Growth Research Report Summary of Nursery Field Study and Greenhouse Study

Sustane was tested in a field study at Bailey Nursery on soil contaminated with from 20-200 lb. per acre Atrazine.  Sorghum Sundgrass was established as a buffer crop before three liners were transplanted.  9 contaminated plots were split into treatments of either activated chatcoal or Sustane.



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