Medical Marijuana Fertilizer Rate Trial - 2016

Sustane MM Rate Trial 2016Figure 1: Typical growth and maturation of Cannabis following addition of Suståne Natural Fertilizer. Plant 2.2 shown at time of initial transplant (left), top dress treatment (center), and just prior to harvest (right).

Medical Marijuana Fertilizer Rate Trial, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Michigan - 2016

"Different Suståne products were tested as sources of fertility for an outdoor grow of medical marijuana in Michigan during the summer of 2016. Dry bud yield increased by 5 g for every cup of Suståne-based starter fertilizer applied at transplanting (Figure 2).These data suggest that Cannabis growers could optimize their fertility programs using a single application of Suståne’s blended fertilizers or just two to four applications of Suståne’s organic fertilizers."

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Industrial Hemp Fertility Demo - 2016

Sustane IH Research 2016Figure 3: Hemp plants six weeks after transplanting, at time of stand assessments.

Industrial Hemp Fertility Demo, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Cynthiana, Kentucky - 2016

"Two Suståne products were tested as sources of supplemental fertility on an organically managed hemp farm in Kentucky during the summer of 2016. Side dress applications of Suståne 8-2-4 increased transplant growth, survival, and biomass production relative to the other test treatments. The overall shoot size and flower volume were approximately 50% greater in the Suståne treated pots."

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