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For Rebuilding Poor Quality Soil and Providing Essential Organic Nutrients 

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Suståne Concentrated Compost provides the benefits of a nutrient rich compost in a concentrated dry form. Suståne Concentrated Compost is easy to apply and replenishes the soil with a rich supply of stabilized organic matter and essential nutrients required for quality growth. Suståne Concentrated Compost provides a combination of plant nutrients and organic substances derived from biologically stable aerobic compost.

Recommended Use:

For use as a general soil builder, erosion control, reclamation, bio-remediation, revegetation and building or disturbed or depleted soils. Native establishment and soil reclamation and remediation and in the production of certified organic crops.

Benefits of Suståne Concentrated Compost

  • Provides the benefits of compost in a dry, concentrated form which minimizes transportation and application costs.
  • Contains all primary, secondary and tertiary nutrients for plant growth eliminating the need to apply additional fertilizer.
  • Adds approximately 10% humates by weight.
  • Low Salt Index (6) requires no delay in planting following application.
  • Supplies soil with 60% Organic Matter in the form of stabilized humus.
  • Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio (9:1) ensures no N immobilization in soil.
  • Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Enhances the soil’s ability to suppress plant pathogens.
  • Improves and sustains soil health.
  • Improves buffering against changes in soil pH.
  • Increases the soil’s C.E.C (cation exchange capacity).
  • Improves soil structure, porosity and stability leading to greater root development, infiltration and soil micropores.

Always Safe for Plants, People and the Environment

  • Manufactured by Suståne® in the USA at an EPA-permitted facility.
  • Pathogen and weed/seed free, no blood, bone or meat products.
  • The only organic allowed for export to over 50 countries worldwide.
  • USDA NOP, COR, EU and JAS organic compliant.
  • Aerobic composting eliminates animal and rodent attraction to application site.
  • Suståne will not attract flies or other insects. No blood, bone or meat products.
  • Suståne is fully composted - not sterilized; enhancing the soil environment for beneficial microbial populations.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 2.0%
0.2% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.2% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
1.6% Water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen*
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 6%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 3%
Calcium (Ca) 6.00%
Magnesium 0.05%
Sulfur 1.00%
Manganese 0.05%
Zinc 0.05%

Total Plant Nutrition

Humic Acid 10%
Organic Matter 60%
pH 7.0
Carbon:Nitrogen (C:N) 9:1
Bulk Density lb./cu. ft 38
Moisture content 5%
Salt Index (scale 1-100) 6
% of Total N as Slow Release 80%
Electrical Conductivity <10dS/m
Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) 104 meq/100g

Derived from aerobically composted turkey litter.
*2.1% slowly available nitrogen from aerobically composted turkey litter

Available Particle Sizes:

  • Screened to 100% < 0.25*

General Coverage:

  • 40 lb. covers 1000 ft2 @ 1 lb. N per 1000 ft2 (44 lb. N per acre)
  • 20 kg covers 100 m2 @ 0.5 kg N per 100 m2 (50 kg N per hectare)


  • Apply 40 lb. per 1000 ft2
  • Apply 200 g per 1 m2

Suståne Integrated Soil Management Program:

Land Management, Native Restoration & Erosion Control Programs:


  • For 60 lb. of N per acre apply 3,000 lb.
  • For 80 lb. of N per acre apply 4,000 lb.
  • For 120 lb. of N per acre apply 6,000 lb.

Soil Preparation

  • Light, High Sandy Soil: 136 lb. per 1000 square feet of bed
  • Medium, Clay Loam Soil: 90 lb. per 1000 square feet of bed
  • Heavy, Silty, Clay Loam: 68 lb. per 1000 square feet of bed

(Hydroseeding: Mix with water solution at a ratio of 4 lb. Suståne 2-6-3 to 1 gallon of water or 2 tons per 1,000 gallon tank)

Soil Remediation: For bio-remediation, forest re-establishment & extreme situations where top soil has been removed or badly damaged.

  • Incorporate 136 lb per 1,000 ft2 into the damaged soil.
  • Re-apply 60 to 90 days later at a rate of 68 lb. per 1,000 ft2.

Crop Production:

Broadcast Application Rates:

  • Low Rate: apply 1,200 lb. per acre
  • Medium Rate: apply 2,000 lb. per acre
  • High Rate: apply 2,800 lb. per acre

Timing and Methods of Application

  • Fall application, post harvest. Broadcast apply followed by light incorporation.
  • Spring application, pre-plant. Broadcast apply followed by light incorporation.
  • During planting, can be applied by grain drills, banded or air seeders, direct with seed.
  • During cultivation, apply next to row or use Suståne 8-2-4 for higher N demanding crops.

Preparation for Gardens, Landscapes and Agricultural Crop Land:

Suståne Concentrated Compost is intended as a general soil builder for broadcast application and improving soil organic matter levels, cation exchange capacity and enhancing and diversifying soil biological activity levels.

Soil Preparation:

  • Light, High Sandy Soil: 14 lb. per 100 square feet of bed
  • Medium, Clay Loam Soil 10 lb. per 100 square feet of bed
  • Heavy, Silty, Clay Loam 7 lb. per 100 square feet of bed

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Organic Fertilizers and Soil Builders

what makes suståne simply the best?

Suståne Natural Fertilizer, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of all natural and organic fertilizers and soil builders. At Suståne, we believe in the science of sustainability, which is why we’ve commissioned over 500 independent research studies over the past 25 years to create the best possible products for the horticulture, agriculture, greenhouse, nursery, landscaping, and lawn & garden industries. The same products that have long been trusted by professional growers are now available to home gardeners through our retail line. All of our retail products are of the highest quality and demonstrate unmatched performance in growing hardy, healthy and abundant plants. Suståne products are approved for the production of organic fruits and vegetables.

Our dual action fertilizers and soil builders deliver:

The Highest Quality:

  • Trusted for over 25 years by professional organic growers, nurseries, landscapers, and vegetable farms
  • Sold in over 60 countries
  • Uniform granulation means no dust
  • Aerobically composted, fully stabilized materials mean no offensive odor

A Sustainable Promise:

  • Renewably sourced compost
  • Recycled agricultural resources
  • All natural and organic nutrients
  • 100% safe for people, pets, and the environment
  • Allowed for use in organic production

Select a Product:

  • 4-6-4
  • Sustane 8-2-4
  • Compost Tea Bags
  • Concentrated Compost

Uses & Applications:

New Garden Bed Preparation : Apply Suståne to the soil prior to tilling or incorporate into the top four inches of soil.
Vegetable Row Crops : Apply Suståne directly in the row with the seed when planting.
Transplants and Established Plants : Apply Suståne into the hole prior to planting transplants or around the base of the plant for established plants.
Soil Mixes & Potted Plants : Incorporate Suståne into the potting mix before plating or transplanting.
Trees and Shrubs : For new planting, place Suståne in hole before planting and lightly incorporate. For established trees and shrubs, broadcast Suståne at the base of the plant in the spring and again in the fall. Application rates are based on the individual plants canopy spread along with the fertilizer analysis.
Turfgrass Establishment (Seed) : Broadcast Suståne with the grass seed when plating.
Turfgrass Establishment (Sod) : Broadcast Suståne prior to laying sod. Lightly incorporate into the top 2 - 4" of soil. Reapply fertilizer 30 - 45 days after laying sod.
For best results, apply water after application. Application rates vary based on soil conditions, plant species and desired rate of growth. It is recommended to have soil tested prior to applying any fertilizers.