T. Hsiang and L. Yang Guelph, Turfgrass Institute University of Guelph, 1995TurfTFM2 5

This is a 3-year study, which started in June 1994. The major objectives are to evaluate some turfgrass amendments or conditioners and compare them against a traditional synthetic treatment on turfgrass plots.
Specific effects being examined include:

1)Effects on turf quality and esthetics in terms of functional features (colour, density, and general appearance) 1994-1996

2) Effects on turfgrass disease control such as dollarspot and snow mould: 1995-1996.

3) Effects on thatch development and thatch pH: 1994-1996. 4) Effects on the development of a newly built and newly seeded bentgrass green over the first several years of establishment: 1994-1996.



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