Vegetable Seed Starter Trial

Pat2h Horticultural Consulting, Rydal, Georgia, 2010research lawn 6

The objective of the trial was to evaluate efficacy of various organic fertilizers on germination rate and initial plant growth (first 4weeks) of common vegetable plant species in a Georgia topsoil. The plant species tested were lettuce, peas, radish and spinach. Twenty seeds of each species were sown along a 21‐inch long furrow. The fertilizers used were Suståne 4‐6‐4 organic, Scotts Miracle Grow 7‐1‐2 “Organic Choice”, Espoma 4‐3‐3 Biotone Starter Plus and an experimental vegetable seed starter containing Suståne. Each fertilizer was applied as broadcast application with the exception of the experimental seed starter, which was applied in a band directly to the seeded furrow. Adequate soil moisture was maintained daily, as needed, by hand watering.



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