Suståne staff are passionate about the job we do and the products we offer. The goal is simple: To produce the best organic on planet. With that, Suståne is one of the few organic fertilizer companies that is basic in its manufacturing. This means that Suståne controls the raw materials, the composting process and manufacturing process from start to finish.

Unlike many of the other “organic fertilizer” companies Suståne is not simply a marketing company that purchases finished product from toll manufacturers, wraps it in fancy packaging and hypes it with generalized platitudes about how good it is. Suståne operates its own full time, in-house analytical chemistry lab. Every product is tested to assure that it meets the labeled guarantee, uniformity and safety. Periodically samples of finished product are sent out to independent certified analytical labs to assure that the Suståne methods and equipment are producing accurate test results. Suståne retains product samples from every lot manufactured for up to two years after shipment. If there is ever a question about the integrity of the Suståne product used in the field, the customer can call to ask for a sample or or retest of the same production run.

The composting process destroys any potential pathogens such as salmonella and e-coli. The absence of pathogens are verified by routinely testing the finished fertilizer to ensure the health and safety of the product. Suståne fertilizers are also tested for heavy metal concentrations to ensure that the application of Suståne fertilizers do not contribute to the accumulation of metals in the soil. It is because of this attention to quality assurance and product safety that: