During the Suståne composting process internal windrow temperatures are routinely monitored and recorded to assure that 100% of the organic material has been subjected to thermophilic temperatures in excess of 135°F for a minimum of five consecutive days. At the end of the active composting and curing phase, the organic material is homogenous (uniform) and dark brown in appearance and has no odor including septic or ammonia gases. The parent materials are indistinguishable as the compost has an earthy, rich texture of humus.

We measure compost maturity or compost stability, in addition to continuous on-site temperature monitoring and record keeping Suståne routinely performs two analytical tests that provide objective measurements of compost maturity. The Solvita Compost Stability Analysis and the Dewar Self-Heating Flask Test.

The Solvita® test gives the Maturity Index for a sample of compost by measuring carbon dioxide respiration and ammonia content. Compost is placed inside a jar with two separate color-indicator “paddles” (one measuring carbon dioxide and one measuring ammonia). After four hours, the gel color is read by comparing the color to the provided color charts. Values are referenced on the tables provided and maturity is determined. Maturity is defined by resistant to further decomposition and free of compounds such as ammonia and organic acids, which can be toxic to plant growth. Test on Suståne compost rated a CO2 result of 6 and an NH3 result of 5 for a result of Mature.

The composting process destroys any potential pathogens such as salmonella and e-coli. The absence of pathogens are verified by routinely testing the finished fertilizer to ensure the health and safety of the product. Suståne fertilizers are also tested for heavy metal concentrations to ensure that the application of Suståne fertilizers do not contribute to the accumulation of metals in the soil. It is because of this attention to quality assurance and product safety that:

Suståne is the only organic fertilizer allowed for export worldwide.

Suståne maintains product registrations in many countries all around the world. These export registrations would not be possible without extensive testing and strict processing controls to ensure and verify the safety of our products.