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      As world demand for new golf courses and natural recreational areas increases, architects, planners and regulatory authorities look for design, inputs and management practices that will produce the best possible product with the lowest environmental impact. Today we now recognize and understand that the Environment is impacted, either positively or negatively, not only by inputs and management practices at the project location, but also at the source of manufacturing of the inputs selected. We all live in One World and it truly is a global community. How we manage our resources and manufacturing technologies in one part of the world, ultimately affects all other neighbors in the global community one way or another.

      The resulting green product – the new landscape, the renovated sports pitch, the expanded park or newly opened golf course ultimately grows into a verdant open space for all to enjoy and for generations to come. Over 20 years of applied research on Suståne natural fertilizers at over 100 universities and research facilities around the world have helped better define and understand how a new generation of organic and organic based fertilizers perform best in the growing zone. They serve to minimize any negative impact on our natural environment. Building parks, new golf courses and other recreational areas in the outdoors ultimately provides what all people long to experience: Green, healthy and sustainably managed open spaces. It is our job and our responsibility to ensure that what we create today is not only long lasting, beautiful to observe and enjoyable for all to experience, but also leaves our environment in a clean, safe and sustainable place for future generations to come...



Turfgrass Brochure [pdf]


Turfgrass Fertility Specifications for Environmentally Sensitive Areas [pdf]


     “For rapid turf recovery I highly recommend Bolster Granular

4-4-4+3Fe after each aerification.

It is a complete package that has saved me both time and labor while achieving superior results with turfgrass recovery after aerification."


Joel Tholund
Superintendent, Atlantis Golf Club


      I must give a lot of the credit to the benefits we had in improving our putting green turf, which satisfied our members and guests. This result came from using the Sustane fertilizers. I wish I had been using Sustane here since the seeding and grow-in of the course. I really believe many of our excessive thatch problems, disease and nematode problems would have been lessened a lot. I really think if I had been using Sustane the past couple years, the nematode and Take All Patch problems of 2001 may never have shown their ugly face. This year we only had a small area on No. 15 green that had LDS [localized dry spot] and another small area on the same green that had Fairy Rings. There is something working with the Sustane natural products that is improving the health of the soil and in turn producing a healthier plant. I want you to know that I am now even more confident that using Sustane has helped me provide nice putting surfaces for our club and given me a renewed confidence in that I am going the right direction. Thank you for sticking to your company plan and producing so many balanced fertilizers for us greenkeepers.”



Oscar Miles, GCS
The Merit Club, Libertyville, Illinois Winter 2003-2004