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  • Suståne Introduces
    the first true organic fertilizer
    designed and developed for the
    professional nursery, greenhouse
    and landscape industry.
  • Suståne Offers
    a range of formulations from
    100% organic to organic with controlled release fertilizers that reduce cost and enhance “green.”
  • Suståne Produces
    predictable results, dependable
    performance, and high quality
    plants. Suståne Organic and
    SumicoatTM Controlled Release
    Fertilizers are the new
    generation of environmentally
    friendly fertilizers.


Nursery & Greenhouse Brochure [pdf]





“Plants fertilized with Suståne are potted into a non-amended substrate as this product adequately replaces dolomitic limestone and other micronutrients.”


 Nitrogen Losses in Container Production North Carolina State University, 1992



      “Great new products are born from discovery, and through years of research and development Suståne began studying and evaluating treatment effects, plant response, nutrient release, EC rates and other fertilizer responses to container grown nursery plants at North Carolina State University in 1991 and 1992. Basic Suståne 4-6-4 was discovered to be the perfect base fertility compliment to commercial potting soils. In 2002 Suståne began experimenting with different formulations that combined Suståne Organic with numerous sources of slow and controlled release fertilizers including SCU, methylene urea, ureaform N, and several types of polymer coated NPK products.

      The photo on the left shows the comparative growth differences between two identical formulations of 16-4-8 using the same Controlled Release Fertilizers. The only difference between treatments was that Suståne Organic was substituted for 50% of the blend in the treatment on the right. This discovery led to the development of new combinations of Suståne plus coated NPK controlled release fertilizers available today.