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  • Suståne Introduces
    A broad range of organic fertilizers
    designed and developed for the
    professional landscape and
    architectural applications.
  • Suståne for
    Commercial and institutional
    projects, green roof fertilization,
    native flowers, and
    prairie restoration
  • Suståne Produces
    predictable results, dependable
    performance, and high quality
    plants. With low environmental
    impact, non toxic, safe for people
    plants, animals and the environment.

                                 Architecture Brochure [pdf]





We recently completed a multimillion-dollar landscape installation in Florida and incorporated Suståne into our existing plant and turf protocols. The combination of reduced plant loss and unbelievable response by the turf will keep Suståne in our planting specifications. Thanks again.”


Dirck Reichard
Outdoor Living DMP

      “We have used Sustane products for over 3 years. We use it in both of our fertilization and weed control programs. We use it on both residential and commercial sites. Our customers have raved about how beautiful and green their lawns look. Our customers who have been on our program for multiple years have seen a decrease in weeds and lawn diseases. We would highly recommend Sustane to anyone who wants to grow a beautiful lawn.” Thank you Sustane!

Amanda Sewell
EcoSystems, Inc.



      “Sustane provides an environmentally friendly nutritional base for support of turfgrass and other plants. The organic based nutrition supplies essential plant nutrients while providing organic matter for the microbial populations in soil that promote biologically controlled feeding. The Suståne and other microbial amendments, enhances plant growth and health while minimizing the risks of surface or ground water contamination.”

Chuck Dixon
Outdoor Living DPM