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Grow Nutritious and High Yield Crops with

  • Suståne Introduces
    the first true aerobically composted
    organic fertilizer with all the
    nutrients and humic substances
    necessary for optimal plant growth
  • Suståne Offers
    a range of 100% organic
    formulations for rapid establishment,
    uniform feeding, precision
    placement, and season long
    crop fertility.
  • Suståne Produces
    predictable results, dependable
    performance, and high quality
    plants. Suståne Organic and
    Natural Based Fertilizers are the
    new generation of environmentally
    friendly fertilizers.


Committed to Producing the Highest Quality Product.

The folks at Suståne are a lot like its customers. Hardworking, curious, with a love for the land, a passion to protect our natural resources and an unwavering desire to create the best products. Suståne is committed to creating the highest quality crops by using only the highest quality inputs in our fertilizer.

Suståne serves a diversity of Organic Growers.

All kinds of growers use Suståne: small grain and bean farmers, fruit and vegetable producers, flower, herb and spice growers, tree farmers, greenhouse growers, landscapers and backyard gardeners. The organic movement is booming and continues to grow. Suståne is growing with it. The company supports a number of organic farming and gardening organizations locally, regionally, and internationally and is a proud member of the The Organic Trade Association.

Organic Argiculture Brochure[pdf]